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07 seeker Courtney

oh man I'm back
1:30 PM we got back
I've been talking and showering and doing ap art since then
I actually got done with two things and that's great

It was really fun! We went on at least 56 rides (some twice) and went to 16 shows.
Tea cups wasn't up though. :c That's like the best one.
Actually pirates and junlge cruse is my favorite of the rides.

god it was smaller then I thought but it was awesome
I got a wand ;_;
and we watched this lady have Olivandered pick out her wand and make her try it out and all that fin stuff
she killed flowers and exploded some things but then it worked
and when we were leaving the room he called me over (because I was wearing a hogwarts school uniform because I have one aha)and he picked out a wand for me and it was magic. Like, a golden shimmering light came on and there was glittery sound effects. It was beautiful.
Except he called me "Courtney" because he didn't know how to say my name.
It's reed with dragon heart string. HRMPTH

I also bought this for a lot of money but it's okay because I'm in love with it

hello goodnight farewell au revoir

so I gave you guys kind of a warning, right?

I’ll be gone from 2nd-10th
going to Flordia
missing a full week a school and it’ll be great making it up

been busy as balls with stagecraft
and English and mythology
oh man it’s fun though

and family friend kid who’s cool

gonna teacups it out forever
because life is beautiful and dreams really do come true
I’ve been saving up all summer for this moment

So I’ll probably won’t have internet for a week and when I get back I’ll have a hella lot of math to make up because I don’t understand it to being with but other then that I’ll try to update if I can.

I’m going to play pokemon a lot too.
I’ll get you there my loves

I love you guys

stagecraft, 6 pillows, yohohoho X4

I'm in stagecraft and it's like dreams come true.
It's that one thing I've always been looking for but never knew existed till now. I've always really wanted to do theater and act but I've always been to self conscious and afraid to do it/ talk to people in general but this is like the next best thing. Or the best thing. I'm scared but also really excited. It's going to take up so much time outside of class but that's what I'm looking forward too. I want to be like the witty kids that know everyone and can talk with anyone. And I want to spend time working on something that will be a part of our school for a long time.
I'm doing the poster. I'm so scared I'll mess it up but I really want to do something amazing that people will like.

The play is Dracula.Collapse )

I've been spending every night reading, doing Ap art, and stagecraft stuff for the last week and a half. I haven't been sleeping a lot but that's okay.
Except I have a cold now aha. It's okay though because it's fun having to take yucky medicine.

I've been ignoring the internet completely to deal with everything and for that I'm sorry.

I also love being a senior.
I know I'm no different from last year but I feel like I can have more confidence because of it. I can talk to people, talk to teachers, make jokes, etc etc.
This year will be a fun one.

Oh and I'm changing my concentration idea to pirates because I'm a faggot and want to draw my Township crew and grubby men.
On a related note I love One Piece. No other series goes as far to make a hell of a good chapter like it does.
On a unrelated note my friend buys Gaintz and holy tits on ice.

GENTE (Ristorante Fucking Paradiso X2)
Spice and Wolf 2
and the last book to Hunger Games

so I've been regressing for fun


/rɪˈgrɛʃən/  [ri-gresh-uhn]
the act of going back to a previous place or state; return or reversion.

Dug out all my pokemon VHS tapes and hooked up a VHS player inmy room and it's great. I mean, seriously, best thing ever. I've already watched two tapes but I don't think I have the episodes when Brock joins SO SUDDENLY BROCK. I love it though, I'm having a blast nostalgicing.

But more importantly, school started today. It's okay, just tired.
And tomorrow the family we visited the most when we went to Japan are coming to visit us for a few days/nights!
They'll be here tomorrow when I get home and boy to I have to clean my room tonight aha.
Working on AP all this while, but It's kinda fun too... 


god I love 4kids
I really do

I'm a senior.

stupid stupid I'm stupid

Do you have negative or positive associations with the beginning of the school year?

last night I had a dream I was at school
and I lost my backpack somewhere in the dream
along with this ring designed by the guy who wrote Lord of the Rings (I dropped it through the floor boards by accident)
and then I spent the rest of the dream worring about my backpack

floor bed, scar face, caramel on a brick

Oh hey I’m back. Got back this morning around 11-12ish.
Have to go to work all this week pretty much. And then it’s the weekend. And then school starts.
Which isn’t that bad except for the fact I don’t have my schedule or ID yet. And also I have summer homework to get my ass on aha.

It was great and I had a lot of fun! The only time it wasn’t really fun was the third day (because the third day in close courters with people always seem the worst) and the last night because I didn’t want to go home. Not that I didn’t miss home, just that now I have to get back to life aha.

The Renaissance was the best. I loved seeing all the cool costumes people had and the merchandise which was all expensive but cool. We went out to eat quite a lot which was yummy except for the fact I was a tiny bit sour about having to pay for my friend’s breakfast twice. We got cake mix so we could made cake for the party and another one of the days we went to the mall. All in all I spent all my money but it was worth it. I bought like six books.

I played Pokemon Fire Red a lot of the time too. My friend wanted me to start a pokemon game and actually play it the right way/ try to finish one and I’m glad she made me. I didn’t know I’d love my pokemon as much as I do. I also adore naming pokemon and that’s great too. Right now though I’m training my team. 


I'll be in Detroit the 22nd to 29th

Going with a friend to see a friend.
Going to do things.
Cool things maybe, but probably mostly just things.
Like a Renaissance fair. I am excited for that.
Sharing a bathroom with two other girls, one of them's parents and a older brother... not so much.
But I’ll deal. I should have known one day this summer I would have to actually wear normal clothes instead of just changing from pajamas to pajamas.

I'll do something with this one day.

Writer's Block: Something like that

What is the BIGGEST lie you've ever told?

But I'll still totally wait another 20 years before I come clean to my parents.

So we had this golfcart. Doesn't matter why we had one.
And it was July 4th and we always have our familly over on July 4th. All the adults pretty much get drunk and all the kids run around and play with firecrakers and swin and etc.
So of course all us kids were doing donuts on the golfcart and driving it around. Soon enough we packed about 8 kids on the poor thing and went off down the neighboring dirt road.
Well the person driving had someone on there lap and that made it very difficult to put on the breaks so when we were trying to turn around to head back we kind of ramed a little hole into the neighbors fence insead of stopping. All of us balled except the driver who ended up pushing it back to the house because it didn't work anymore aha.
I was sitting in the middle when it happeded but we told my dad that when I was driving it it just stoped working because I was the youngest and wouldn't get in trouble.

Actually my dad blamed the reason it didn't work anymore on all the donuts it went through. We just recently gave it to our uncle because he could probably fix it.
Don't tell my parents.


to bed to bed to bed I go go go

I just finished watching “A Very Potter Sequel”, which is the sequel too “A Very Potter Musical” (obviously aha). I was great and very enjoyable and I shout laughed quite a lot.
Now only if I can download these songs for free like the other ones…

I got Monday off work because my dad I two appointments to make and had to golf anyways so there was really no point in dragging me along. I get next Monday off too apparently and I love myself a three day weekend.

Work has been cool but it’s been muggy and hot as balls out. Today was 90 degrees F with Humidity and 90%. Wheew. We of course have to frame these days but it’s all good. I love getting sweaty and covered in saw dust.

Speaking of saw dust, last Friday I got a piece of that monster in my eye around 4:30PM and that bitch never “came out’ till the next day. My mom says I must have scratched my eye and had the illusion of having something in it but the painful there-is-something-in-my-eye feeling didn’t go away till I slept it off. It made me look like I was crying and that made me frustrated. And also I never stopped hurting. whinewhinewhine.
I will never rub my eyes again when I have something in them. :(

I worked on school stuff kind ofCollapse )
And I'm still working on "Diamonds" but very slowly!

Also working on another Gurren Lagann thing I'll put up here but it's more like a AU I'll explain through explanation sand sketches.

do the hustle

Not much to say. Work and work again but I guess it's okay. Except it was 90 something degrees F out today but what can you do.

I decided what I’m going to do for my school concentration! I have yet to do my summer homework aha.
I've got to do five things again. Ohman I just remembered I need to work one something for my parents anniversary ahhhh.


The Lost Adventurer

just a bunch of fun easy pictures of a lost and confused man
with animals probably
and frustration
and orange maybe

Uhg and I had a really bad dream last night. You know how people have cool and fun fears that they can nightmare about? Ones that is kind of unrealistic or improbable so they can be brushed off easily or can be joked off like spiders or darkness? Well my greatest and deepest fear/phobia is vomit and or throwing up. I can't explain to you do how much I hate it. Urhg. Ever since I was a little kid it's always been my Achilles heel. Well yeah that what the dream was about. How will I sleepppp?


heres something for tha ladies
and men


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