Monday Tuesday

Gary was here Ash is a loser.

Hey cool, you can call me Ani!
'Cept no one really calls me that.
Aye! I'm a senior! It's so fun I love it.
Oh and I draw, don’t you know. It’s just what I do.
I also never bruse, but that's a lie.
I do.
acorns, autumn, beat up people, buffalo patronus, cats, charismatic people, children, chocolate, clouds, colors, cotton candy hair, drills, etc, fishhooks, flying, gentlemen, gruffy drunk pirates, harvest moon, human typhoons, lakes, laughing, letter sweaters, lovely dovey, moss, no not dog boners, old men, paper, pirates, pokemon, pond scum, red hair, ristorante paradiso, rocks, sogeking, stars, summer noises, tall people, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the word 'numbers', toads, wan pissu, watermellon, wood of a wolf